Sunday, September 2, 2007

dead party

i wish i took photos. luckily cindy did. if i were as smart as cindy i'd put a link to her site all embedded in this post the way she does, but as is, just go over to my links to the left. that's the best i can offer. anyway, the party was a good time! i especially enjoyed getting dressed up and making myself look dead. i splashed black eyeshadow powder all over my face to the point that i think i gave myself a mustache. to counteract the mostache i slathered my mouth in red lipstick - i figured zombies might have bloody brains all over their mouths if they were really behaving the way they should. i know, gross, but i didn't pick the party theme, i just followed directions. i enjoyed the dancing and the visiting and the dressing up. mostly it was fun to have a full day of work followed by some good fun. it's great having cindy here and plewe being back - it's like a party all the time now. maybe. okay, not ALL the time, but it sure is nice having friends so close.

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Cindy said...

It's really easy to put a link in. I'll show you. That was a fun party.