Monday, August 28, 2006

grow old along with me

i don't necessarily want to live super long, but i do want to get to be a decent age with minimal health problems, so i always like to read about the old people still kicking. an article in the yahoo news today was about the oldest woman who just died - at 116. they were speculating how she got so old:

"She always had a very tranquil character," Irma said in last year's interview. "She does not get upset by anything. She takes things very calmly and she has been that way her whole life."

even if i don't live forever i really wish/hope i can be like that. i have a lot to work on - but i really do dream of being calm. jon mentioned anita's class on an earlier post and one of the best things i gained from that class was making a self talk tape. one of my self talk statements was: "i am always calm and in control." i keep repeating it. i think i'm getting better.

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