Monday, August 14, 2006

English Plan

I’m making my plans for the year and am trying to work up a basic daily outline of a period – a skeleton to work with and I need some feedback. Please tell me what you think. Anything you have to say or question is more than welcome – you are my sounding board. Picture yourself being the student – how would you like or not like it? If you’re the teacher what would you like or not like about it?

Typical period:
15 minutes silent independent reading
5 minutes talk about what they’re reading – sharing time
25 minutes instruction on World Lit topic of the day
10 minutes writing mini-lesson
30 minutes independent writing and conferencing
5 minutes wrap up/clean up/debrief


St. Jon said...


I don't know how many students you have, but 5 minutes to talk about what they're reading in independent reading seems short; are they going to take turns?

I like how you've put the ball evenly in their court with half the time devoted to independent reading, then writing, rather than all instruction

plainoldsarah said...

thanks jon - that 5 minutes is a concern but i'm thinking it will be one of those voluntary not everyone shares kinds of things. i plan to use the 15 minutes to do private conferencing and assessment. maybe i'll make that 5 minutes a chance to earn participation points and if needed i'll ask someone in advance to share.

thank you very much for the feedback!

ewesa said...

I like the private conferencing, that will make them feel you are aware of each of them, and that will make them feel obligated to complete the homework (coming from a non-homework completer -me).

plainoldsarah said...

oh, homework is a completely other issue i haven't figured out. i've never given homework before. i really should do that. i was thinking conferencing would just be about what they were writing in class. but really - it's good for all kinds of student connections!