Sunday, August 6, 2006


I'm being super poor these days but when I saw this perfect pendant for only $3 I bought it. I think it looks like a pear. A silver pear, not unlike the ripe green pears once purchased by Bert at Orchard Market years ago in Sugarhouse. I've painted Bert and his pears. I loved Bert for his pears. Now I can at least wear a pear of my own.


ewesa said...

THIS is gorgeous! perfect pick ward! I remember burt. was I there for a burt sighting? I think I was, cause I remember him. burt's a great name.

plainoldsarah said...

thanks plewe! actually, i don't believe you were present at the bert sighting - i think it was kristin - but i'm sure we talked about him plenty as if you were there. i think you coached me through some of my paintings of him. glad you remember him.
i too like the name a lot - years ago i gave the name to my teddy bear!