Tuesday, December 16, 2008


snow does little to make for a pleasantly relaxed school day. it doesn't help that the snow made my photographer an hour late, thus missing two groups that were scheduled during first period. such is life - nothing can be done about it - but my preferred solution didn't appeal to the principal and she didn't offer a viable solution of her own, so i've spent the last 10 minutes doing a bit of fuming and reminding myself the world won't end and in a few months i probably won't notice or care. that's what stress is - good for nothing in the long run. what would help me feel better is getting some lesson plans made for the post holiday weeks.


Mike said...

'tis not the time to get in a funk Ms. Sarah....so what's Santa bringing you ?

plainoldsarah said...

oh mike you are good - thanks for the reminder! i have been thinking of what i want from santa and truthfully, i'm not sure. maybe a wii. i only fear i wouldn't use it as much as i should. maybe a trip to see my brother - that might be better.

either way - only 2 more days!

Mike said...

Santa might bring our kids a wii....who knows.

Have a safe holiday.