Monday, December 8, 2008


I like the season, and I like snow, but I don't like driving in snow. Oh please, snow go away by 7 pm tonight. I know - kinda late - it's that time of year again - parent teacher conferences! Wahoo! Try not to be jealous. I expect to have a decent crowd, though, because I seem to have given a few unpleasant grades this term. Such is the nature of second term - the enthusiasm really drops. To help third term be more excited I give an assignment at the very start where the students have to persuade me they deserve an A at the end of the term - part persuasive and part visual. Good things for a 10th grader to do.

Now off to track down a copy of Julius Caesar - starring Charlton Heston. I hear the kids love it. Okay, they love it compared to reading the play.

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