Wednesday, December 10, 2008

happy stories

today i started out my reading class by asking them for happy stories. do you know what i got? i guess it was no different than "good news minutes" in relief society. i got "my bday is in a week." i also got "i lost 2 pounds." they tried. i think it is unfortunate that more rejoicing doesn't come immediatly to mind when given the chance to share some happy stories. so now i think it's fair for me to come up with a happy story.

school is out the end of next week. on that following saturday i get to tend my nephew while my sister gives birth to a new niece. i will be making walnut shrimp for her - she loves it (who doesn't) and i want to try a new recipe i got from my good uncle at thanksgiving. then later that evening i get to attend a gathering of my old friends - the ones that might as well be family for how well they know me and the pain i've been to them over the years. i sure like those people. as for something more immediate - well i have banana cream pie waiting for me at home. yum! and leftover chinese food. can it get better? food sure does rank high for me on the level of happy stories.

how about the rest of you? any happy stories to get over the hump day?


rachel with redshoes on said...

It reminds me that my journal in review is nothing more than a catalog of boys I have fancied and good food I have eaten. I am not complex. I know my life is more than boys and food, but I guess nothing else worth writing about.

plainoldsarah said...

too true ms. rachel - boys and food bring happiness.