Saturday, December 6, 2008

Celebrating the holiday

So far i'm loving december. I just returned from seeing a dance version of "it's a wonderful life." i'll agree, life is wonderful - even with all its tangles. :) I am grateful for every single one. When I came in I saw my december ensign sitting on my bed. Even though it's late I chose to read an article about a man whose life was changed because his classmate opened up to him and shared something of value. I love courage and I love when people courageously show their love for others. I am grateful for the immense amount of love i've felt this year. I can't begin to find words to describe the pure joy I feel. But then I remembered this photo I took earlier. I took it so I could share the hilarity of it on my blog, but the truth is - I love the genuine spirit of the happy waving smiling snowman. He's crammed under a low ceiling and yet it doesn't stop him from waving. He's giving it his all. He's a good example of spreading joy.

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