Tuesday, December 23, 2008


inspired by my good friends the flynns i thought i'd try a little "year in review" with photos. we'll see how much i can actually document!

i began my year by attending the symphony. i love the symphony. i got to go again in the fall. i am lucky. i'm sure january had other events, just apparently none that i documented!
in february i went on my annual women of the world whirl wind tour with plewe and kristin. we enjoyed the comforts of staying in a retirement community, vista del sol. it was nice to be in the land of sol.

march brought more good bonding with friends. there was the annual ski and bbq at solitude. nothing like a bit of snow and sun to say spring.
march is also the time of year to celebrate the birth of my good roommate. we enjoyed dinner and then a bit of u2 at the gateway. here we're kicking it on the ride down the elevator at the planetarium where we saw laser u2

in april i decided to lead a bunch of friends to the spiral jetty - one of my long time favorite destinations. it's full of melancholy for me and i wanted to see if another trip with different people might change my feelings - i don't think it did. but it was a great fun outing.
april also gave me the opportunity to gather with some friends for some music and the spoken word at easter. i like this photo - makes me think we're ready to win a round of family feud.
i believe april is also when jubi graduated from the u which meant another fun party with good people. (i'm noting the events i found photos for - just so you know.)

at the end of may (memorial day to be exact) i hooked up with family to visit dad's grave. it seemed the thing to do. mom was good enough to come with us and take a photoschool got out about a week later and that very day i headed south with good friends to visit fruita - a.k.a. capitol reef national park. it's a great destination!
it allowed for some mild hiking and more intense stuff for the other people.

with school officially over i had the fun opportunity of teaching summer school with a short break of visiting dc in between sessions. my sister's family lives there and my other sister's family was visiting - so i got two for the price of one. here i'm hanging with the nieces and nephews after a long day of lots of walking.
and then there is a big gap in photos to share. i spent most of july home scrapbooking. i had a big black boot on my foot - i'm sure my faithful readers remember the photos and don't need to see them again. here's a photo of my graduating class at a pep rally - i basically scrapbooked my entire life from birth to the year 2000. this christmas break i had great dreams of doing the last 8 years, but i have a hard time believing that will really happen.

july was also about the time i renewed my goal of weekly temple attendance, please overlook the fact that this photo was taken around christmas.
then in august i had a birthday! lucky for me lots of friends gathered together to celebrate with me. we had great food and great entertainment - all my favorite things!
right before school started i took a trip to cedar city where i got a tattoo. just a temporary one, though. mark did the purchasing for me. the end of august also meant a trip to lava hotsprings - but i have no photos to document that good time.
hurricane (near cedar city) has a whole lot of great things to see, like this 100 year old fruit cake.
september was full of celebrating. here i am with chris celebrating the engagement of plewe and dennis.
this photo comes from the wedding shower i helped host for plewe. she is thrilled with her traditional gift of lingerie specially designed by danielle and company.

in early october my granny came for a couple weeks to escape the lack of electricity in her home as a result of hurrican ike. this photo was taken on conference weekend.
after sepetember comes my favorite month - october! which means my biggest party all year - halloween! you can possibly infer my political leanings based on the photo below. besides celebrating halloween, i was also excited about the election in november.
these are my fellow hostesses - there's no party throwing without their help!
in november i took a trip to see my good sister and her family in california. i have no photo of the opera that was the purpose of my trip, but this shot of my nephews shows how much fun they are to visit.

december meant more parties. the ward party was all about friends and music and food and being entertained. i got to play the jingle bells while my piano playing buddies did a duet of sleigh ride on the piano. too bad i don't have a photo of that.

and that my friends is 2008, minus about a week or more. i can't say much will happen before it's all over so this is a fine stopping place. please excuse any redudancy in my stories, or stealing of photos that you may have taken and i likely copied to my own my computer. photo sharing has never been easier.


bug girl said...

What a great Year in Review. That's a great blog idea. Thanks for posting. Merry Christmas.

ewesa said...

I liked the photos/stories, they were well-illustrated and told the story of your life well. I almost remember all of those things, though I don't think I was at most of them.. or was I?.. I'm convinced I just might have been! You did good! And you did good all year, it was a good year. :)

plainoldsarah said...

kim - thanks for the compliment!

and plewe - you WERE at nearly most of them. you at least heard about all the events. and thanks for the really good comment. =)