Monday, December 1, 2008


man, some days are really bad. and some days, you think things are really bad and then you get a good slap in the face and you resort to blogging, which solves nothing, only procrastinates a bit. it's a monday after a holiday - i stayed up a bit too late, was a bit too emotional, and here i am at school (finally on prep) only now i'm facing midterm grades, and doing final proofs for my yearbook job. i'm new to this yearbook thing and every new step feels like a major mountain. i can't tell you how much faith i have to exercise - life would be so much easier if we just gave up at the first sign of difficulty. wait, that can't be true. we like to think it would be so much easier, but i know in the end it only gets harder. for instance, our school recently had a break-in/theft. we just learned that the perpetrator is a former student that failed to graduate. as my students pointed out, being a high school drop out can only lead to a life of desperation. i'm sure dropping out of whatever challenge you face probably will have similar repercussions. anyway, for how whiny i was feeling and trying to make myself stand up and be a woman, i just learned that the single mother of a couple students here just passed away. now that is humbling. that gives me a fresh perspective on the mountain i face. i'm sorry to have whined. i'm sorry i wasted a minute feeling inadequate and scared.


Marie said...

There's nothing wrong with a little silent whining on one's own blog. It's not like you've locked us in a room and forced us to listen to you recite your woes. We're free to leave any time. :) I indulge in lots of whining on my blog.

I hope the day ends better than it started.

Jules said...

It must be going around. Nationwide teachers-feeling-inadequate epidemic. And yes, perspective is always good, but...your feelings are still valid. You're not alone, the work always gets done, and there are a million teachers worse than you. :-) Hang in there!