Monday, December 29, 2008

lazing around

so i've been on holiday. hooray. i don't know how people can do christmas without a decent holiday from work. i spent a couple days holed up at my mother's - horizontal snow was a bit intimidating. we watched dvds from the library - a couple of "i spy" and "lois and clark." i like tv on dvd. i did a bit of tatting. i really need to complete that piano runner i'm doing - i think i have another couple decades of work. i wish i had a hobby that produced faster - at least crocheting only took me 6 years to do an afghan. today, though, i was really lazy. i read all morning - finished "the memory keeper's daughter" - good but can't say i recommend it. i think it just left me all nostalgic and sad - not sure i needed to feel all that - i get nostalgic and sad without reading a made up story. then i finally dragged myself out of the house to do some errands for work - took a lot less time than i thought - hooray! so i let myself visit a pregnant friend for a good hour. i helped her bake a chocolate cake - yum! then i came home and made a broccoli dish as posted by good cindy and hoping to make a prune cake as posted by the good pioneer woman. i love cooking. i wish i were a stay at home mom - then i could cook and clean and maybe even read to my heart's content. i can't say i'm looking forward to next monday - there's still plenty of playing left in me! i have about two other books i still need to read!

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Marie said...

Teachers sure earn their lazing sessions. My job isn't so stressful, so I don't mind the shorter holiday.

I remember seeing a hand-tatted doily about 1 1/2 feet in diameter in either the Nauvoo or Winter Quarters temple (can't remember which). One of the temple workers verified that it was made and donated by a member. I bet that one doily will be sufficient to get her into heaven. I'm a not-too-bad tatter and it would take me a lifetime to create such a thing.

Happy reading to you!