Sunday, August 31, 2008


i remember when i went to new orleans quite a few years ago we went to a local place to listen to some live music. i loved that there was a such a "night life" to enjoy. sometimes i think slc lacks a night life. but last night, while attending a concert at temple square, i realized slc DOES have a night life - it's just unique to its location the way the night life in new orleans is unique to its location. every city has a unique character and entertainment to accompany it. i think a lot of the entertainment caters itself to tourists as much as it does to locals. well, i decided the free concerts at temple square that go on ALL the time constitue the night life that caters to locals and tourists. i'm not sure the tourists are huge fans, but at least if you're staying down town in a hotel there is stuff to do and see for free. last night's concert was at the assembly hall. i think there were more gray heads present than younger ones, and there were only a few couples that appeared to be tourists - you know what i mean, wearing the casual warm weather clothes that scream tourist. i enjoyed the music as much as i did the people watching. i love my city!

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