Sunday, August 17, 2008

100 year old fruitcake

I forgot to attach the picture of the cake. It's encased in glass with a piece of paper on the outside that says it used to be four layers with some candy decor that the children ate long ago. There's also a decorative crafty mouse on the glass to remind you how inedible it is. Lynn read a review somewhere on line about it's gray patina. Lynn likes that word. I believe it's what he'll name his daughter some day.
The photo below features tatting. I'm a tatter - I was impressed.


Marie said...

Fantastic. I can't figure out why fruitcake is so nasty -- I mean, I like most of the things that go into fruitcake, so why don't I like fruitcake??

It is one of life's great mysteries.

Mike said...

I've heard that fruitcake ages very well, supposedly better each year. But a hundred, "no thanks"

Sounds/looks like a grand trip

plainoldsarah said...

marie - it's what the DO to the things they put in the fruitcake.

and mike - this one if for sure showing its age. i wonder what the age limit is, though.

batgirl said...

still makes me giggle when Lynn says that word...