Sunday, August 17, 2008


It got its name when erastus snow was driving over the ridge and a strong wind came along and blew the top off his buggy and he commented that it was a hurricane. They have one fabulous visitor's center - you MUST go when you get the chance. It is staffed by an elderly woman who can tell stories. Most everything in there appears to be a scout or young woman's project depicting and highlighting local hisotry, like the cliff dwelling indians and their arrow heads as well as the pioneers who dug a 7 mile canal by hand to the virgin river. Some highlights were the 100 year old fruitcake and the 50 year old slab of bacon. I was also impressed with the tatted table cloth and "thunder mug" - basically a chamber pot. Like I said - you must visit. And as you leave - look at the horizon behind the building and you will see mollie's nipple - it's a beaut! So said the plaque - I would never make up such a thing. I think danielle got a photo so you can see for yourself - if she ever gets around to blogging. It was a trip of excessive documentation.

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Marie said...

Tatting? Nipples? 50-year-old bacon? Goofy but well-meaning little old lady historians?? This is my dream destination -- thanks for the tip!