Thursday, August 21, 2008

nail update

well, one more has bit the dust. that's a total of seven fingernails i've broken since work started on monday. i think i've been moving too many boxes and tables and bookshelves and printers and chairs and carts and cabinets and blah blah. at least the toe is improving. i've been to the gym twice now - used the eliptical so the toe wouldn't have to move much - still i can tell it's a lot harder than before. no wonder people complain of bunion surgery - it's a long recovery. compared to broken fingernails anyway.


Susan said...


Monica just shared your blog with me!!! Did you REALLY get a tatoo? Sorry about your nails, you should see mine since retirement....acrylic! Can you believe it? AND I wear colors other than black, grey and navy!

plainoldsarah said...

susan - it's good to hear from you! and it's fun to picture you with fancy nails and wearing color - way to retire in style!

of course the tattoo isn't real - come on, you know me. it's a unicorn paste on kind - 50 cents.