Friday, August 29, 2008

my hands

no photo, but i'm sure you can feel my pain. remember my poor fingernails? besides being broken now some are splitting. what's happening? my cuticles seem to be getting paper cuts and this morning i discoverd a thorn working it's way to the surface on my pinky. really - i'm a mess. i blame school. did you know it's friday? i intend to watch a video tonight - kite runner. maybe i'll sleep in tomorrow. walk in the park? sounds bit like heaven. maybe instead a walk to the library. then i can read on monday! it's a holiday weekend!!!!! okay, now to do some lesson planning since tuesday will be here like the wind.

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jen said...

I totally feel your pain, only for me my feet get all the grunt of school and teaching.

Have you read the Kite Runner? It was beautifully written, but I don't think I could watch the movie.

I hear ya! Party it up this weekend, and lots of planning... weekends aren't long enough when the school year starts.