Thursday, August 14, 2008


i have to say - this bday i seem to have lucked out with some really great loot. i had a grand party - i just love seeing so many people i love in one place - and many of those people felt inclined to give me gifts - cards and other cool stuff. currently i'm blowing bubbles with some bubbleyum. not bad - for about 5 minutes. my good roommate learned on monday night of my new love for bocce so i got myself a set of bocce balls now. okay, so i doubt she got me the 90 plus dollar ones - but they're still totally fun. from dan i got a whole set of photos to replace the ones she gave me last year in my photo mobile. i love my photo mobile. i love photos of my friends. i am the lucky one! i got the usual set of happy smelly lotions and soaps - very nice to have. i received a couple of gift cards to my favorite places (b&n and target) - really does it get any better? one good friend gave me hand made earrings - in my favorite stone - turquoise and in a color i really needed for earrings - black. it was like she knew! and speaking of knowing - the best surprise of all came from a friend that i don't know terribly well, but we do seem to have quite a few connections. i once attended a movie showing at her house, "smoke signals" (an all time favorite). while there i checked out her walls and she had many story people decorations. if you haven't discovered the joy of story people then it's about time you did! story people are delightful! my dear friend kristin used to email me story people greetings on a regular basis - that's when i first fell in love. they have clever sayings to go with crazy art. so this new friend knew how much i liked them so she went out and gave me my very own print! really - very cool! my print's saying was meant for me: "if she held on to the handle, she said, it's easier to maintain the illusion of control. but it's more fun if you just let the wind carry you."

it was a spectacular party. how blessed i am in every way shape and form.

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Pinky Lovejoy said...

Sounds like super fun! I LOVE story people - I've got a couple books that I adore. In fact, thanks for the reminder - I've been meaning to blog about my love for story people! :)