Wednesday, August 22, 2007

very important update

i have air conditioning!

if i could take a photo of it i would. believe me - the air is cool and refreshing. it's a miracle. the true miracle is that i don't HEAR all kinds of rumblings from random generator air blowing type machines. last year at this time, my classroom was drippingly hot and by the end of the year i had gaping holes in my ceiling where the duct work threatened to come through as it rattled endlessly. now there is a pure white ceiling above me. which i'm happy to say matches the pure white of my brand new white boards! the miracles in my classroom are endless. now if i can only get my parking space back. construction continues in other parts of the school and my parking space happens to be in the prime area for staging all their work. maybe by the end of this school year things will be completely perfect. for now i will cherish the air conditioning.


Jules said...

YAY!!!! Enjoy the whiteboards! I love them. And I'm glad your classroom is totally renovated. When do you get kids?

plainoldsarah said...

i'm glad too! now i have to decorate the whiteness. maybe it will happen after the kids show up. i really need to figure out what i'm doing the first day - which is wednesday!