Wednesday, August 8, 2007


i'm a sucker for theses things - so here's another. i hate being a split personality but it's probably necessary in this case.

Which Springfield Resident Are You?

You are part Ned Flanders. You see yourself as morally superior to most everyone else, and the absurdity of others can drive you nuts! Despite your kindness and honesty, though, your do-good attitude can reach an annoying degree.
You are part Apu. On the outside you are kind and a hard worker, but you lead a deceptively simple life. Though your cleverness might be underappreciated, you never miss an opportunity to sneak ahead in life.
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Sherpa said...

I'm Ned.

plainoldsarah said...

i'm just glad to not be homer!

i'm not surprised by the ned label from what little i know of you sherpa! i think it was your blog about the employee needing time off. it turned into a serious real discussion of integrity.