Thursday, August 30, 2007


i got this link from a co-worker. after doing it i found out i'm only 25 and will live to be 81 - how about that??!! good news i say! my granny right now is 83 so it could be right. she was the least healthy (over weight and was a smoker much of her life) but has lived the longest out of all of them. she's always laughed the most freely out of all of them. i think that's her secret. that and eating m&m's like they were going out of business. wait, i mean she eats a lot of them.

This is your real age test.


KCSimmons said...

I'm 22 and should live to 84... I wish and I hope not. :o)

Jules said...

I'm 21.5 and should live to 86...I still feel 21 most days, so I'm okay with that.

plainoldsarah said...

i had to guess on a few of those questions. it will be fun (i guess!) to see if the predictions come out true. what i'm confused about is whether i'll live to be 83 from the age i am now, or 83 from the age they told me i am.