Sunday, August 12, 2007

Bday present

So tomorrow I celebrate! But really i've been celebrating all weekend. Here is an example of the gifts I received from friends at my big friday party. Mostly I got bath and body products. This gift is unique. It opens. I don't know what to put inside it. Any suggestions?

today my brother gave me a lagoon ticket - we're going next week. His wife is "with child" so i'm going in her place. It was fun to get phone calls from siblings. It was also fun to eat carrot cake. Now i'm sleepy and will get ready for bed.

Tomorrow the guys are taking me to dinner and the gang is heading to the movies and then cake at dan's to make it an official party. I like having friends I can call family.


Dainon said...

Happy birfday!

ewesa said...

to the greatest of friends- Happy Birthday ward :) may the stories shared continue for many many years to come!

Sherpa said...

Happy Birthday!!!

plainoldsarah said...

ah, you guys are awesome - thanks for all the happy regards!