Wednesday, August 29, 2007

avett brothers sum up

so... it was a good night in many ways. first of all i was terribly happy to see they'd requested the show be non-smoking. it's the first time i came home from a bar smelling as good as i did when i went in (basically). there were no stinging eyes and headache afterward. in fact it was pure joy afterward. they played hard and solid the entire hour plus. very little talking. i think before their last song they managed to say who they were. we got three songs for encore. there was much head banging and jumping around by all. i even got to dance a bit with vanya, despite the lack of space to turn and bounce - we made space. i think the very coolest part of it all was that i got home and was in bed with lights off by 12:05 - that's my kind of partying - late but not too late. trouble is, i drank two full glasses of water that kept me going to the facilities all night. as for the performers (sorry i nearly forgot to mention the very very best part - the music) well they did an amazing job despite a squealing microphone that kept going off. the singers just kept on giving. the lead guy even said that they planned to give to us but our love for them made them want to give even more. the crowd really was terribly enthusiastic and i think the performers responded well - it made for an intimate feeling event - like we're all good friends jamming together. i liked the part where they taught us to to sing lalas with them. some songs i'd heard before - so i really loved them - most songs were new to me, though, and all i can say is that i really loved them. it's impossible to choose a favorite, but there was a friend one that probably tied with my love for the shame song. i must buy. now.


Dainon said...

Yes! Buy! Now!

Do what your excited little soul tells you what is good and true and right. Your Brothers would want that to happen.

plainoldsarah said...

i must admit - last night i bought 3 cds on amazon. and a bunch of other cds whose artists you introduced me to these past few years. i spent mucho dinero. thanks!