Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Here I am in the new tabernacle waiting for president faust's funeral to begin. The church is so big on punctuality that you have to be seated 1/2 an hour before it starts and if you want a seat in the tabernacle itself you pretty much need to be here an hour before it starts. the pews may have legroom and may be better formed for sitting, but it still makes for a lot of stiff sitting. Maybe I should use the time for peaceful reflection. At least the choir is entertaining us with their practice time. This will be my first funeral since dad's passing. Not like I ever really attend such services, but i'm hoping it will help with the healing process that seems to continue forward.

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Jules said...

You're brave to be there, Sarah. I hope it helps even a little.

But on a completely unrelated note--why, oh why do we allow "Mormon Standard Time" of 15 minutes late to everything, if we have to be seated well before start times of General Conference and other events in the Tabernacle or Conference Center? I laughed out loud at reading "the church is so big on punctuality."