Friday, August 24, 2007

big news

i can't believe i'm so tardy in blogging some of the best news of this year. yep - you guessed it (okay maybe you didn't) - i finally have dsl. i know, it's an unbelievable miracle, especially considering i had to work with qwest to get it. i think i was on the phone with them for a total of 3 hours and made 3 separate orders trying to get things right. at least i got a free advanced networking modem out of it. (a 90 dollar value i'd like to point out.) maybe i'll blog more now. i can't even come close to describing for you how it improves my use and appreciation of blogger.


Jules said...

Hooray for more Sarah blogging! I'm definitely a fan. No pressure, though. :-)

plainoldsarah said...

thanks julie! i like your blogs too. you write more than i do - at least the lengths of your blogs usually equal a couple of mine.