Friday, August 17, 2007

Hood sweet hood

There aree certain things that I just love about my neighborhood. Today, I love that I can stick an old, semi-decent vacuume cleaner on my curb with the confidence that someone will come along to take it off my hands. It was gone within 4 hours. easy peasy. Speaking of curb side trash pick-up, there is a woman wearing an asian triangular straw hat that digs through everyone's trash every trash day. She pushes along a loaded up grocery cart in which she stashes her treasures. I think she's collecting alluminum cans, but i'm not sure. She reminds me of my days living in the philippines. I wonder what she does with it all and if she makes decent money off it. I also love that my roommate can leave her expensive croquet bag on the front porch for weeks and it doesn't disappear. It's like everyone knows the limits. Of course, I wish less smokers saw my curb as a trash area. I get sick of cleaning up their butts from my yard and park strip.

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