Monday, July 9, 2007

it's been a month

time goes quickly. i learned that last month when my father died. i'm aware of it again as a month has already passed. it hasn't exactly gotten any easier, but i'm sure it will with more time. last night i went to a fireside given by ed smart, father of the famous elizabeth smart. he spoke a lot about eternal families. the closing song was the same one we as a family sang at dad's funeral - "families can be together forever." it was a good fireside. i'm impressed with the smart family's resiliency.

anyway, my good brother sent a photo of dad's last ride in his family email last night. i like it. i choose to share it as a little anniversary post, i guess. i like that my youngest sisters were the drivers - they had the most experience driving dad's truck. now my mom is selling it - we're all okay with that - it was dad's toy anyway. any buyers out there? i think ma is asking for 15,000. wow - that sounds like a lot. i think that's the amount he put into it fixing it up, including the initial amount he paid for it. things. they don't matter so much it seems.


Cindy said...

Pretty post. Those are beautiful pictures.

Jules said...

That's a great truck. My dad had a very similar truck, only his is turquoise blue. He would want to buy it, but I don't think mom would be too happy.