Thursday, July 5, 2007

Catherine's pass

So I failed to take any really stunning photos, but here are a couple representing how I spent my fourth. I took five friends up to catherine's pass - where you can look from little cottonwood canyon over to big cottonwood canyon. There were tons of gorgeous wild flowers. This photo is of the elephant flowers - they really look like little elephant heads. Unfortunately you can't quite see the trunks and ears that give it that distinctive name. We also discovered some patches of snow. This is a photo of mark picking a snow fight with me. I love hiking! I love being outside with good people and nature's stunning beauty.


Jules said...

Oh how I miss hiking in the mountains! What a great way to spend a holiday.

ewesa said...

I thought mark was lynn! oh man I've been gone too long.

plainoldsarah said...

they do blend at times. and yes, it was a perfect holiday! i already miss those flowers and the air.