Monday, July 2, 2007


Yes - those chairs ARE red and purple. They beg the question why. I have seen no others - just these two, arranged in friendly conversation at a cheap wannabe wood round table by a 3 cent copy machine. The 3 cent may be my absolute favorite part of this whole arrangement. Where in this world, these days, do you find such cheap copies?
I'm out of class early today - a miracle? Possibly. Especially since I was popping zingo mints to try to keep awake.
Last night I stayed up too late visiting with a friend on the double-lane slide at the elementary school on my street. We wondered if we were looking at stars or planets. We figured with so much light pollution of the city it would be impossible to really see stars. Who knows. It was nice to lie on a slide at night looking at the sky with a good friend. We need more summer nights in the world just so we can find more peaceful moments like that!

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