Monday, July 9, 2007


I sat on this! Only for a brief second - but it was one second too long. That is wetness on my bus seat!!!! What a way to start the day.

people like to ask what i'm doing with my summer. I guess everyone dreams of having a couple months of holiday. Well i'll tell you. I commute to ogden twice a week with the general public and that really takes up a lot of time. But I think the main thing i'm doing - probably every day - I stay up till midnight. I don't know why. I don't intend to at all. I think having more time on my plate tricks me into thinking I can do every imaginable social activity there is. People really do take up a lot of time. I've always said they're my hobby of choice. Last night a trip to the airport to fetch a friend went from an 8:30 appointment to an 11:30 one - something about rain in the south causing delays.


Sherpa said...


(not the people part, the wetness on the bus seat.)

plainoldsarah said...

oh, and i still feel the wetness - totally psychological - but hard to erase images like that. i'm pretty sure i saw the person who vacated that seat - an african woman in muslim dress - i like to think that makes it less repulsive. it's possible she was unfortunate to discover it herself and it's really from some other person all together.

Cindy said...

Ewww! That's one of my greatest fears of riding on the bus, something on the seat. You never know what the homeless are doing.

Hey, Sarah said you might have a basement open, do you have a basement open? I'm officially moving first of September. E-mail me!