Saturday, July 28, 2007

goatee man

When I was in college there was a stereotype called "denim man". He wore all denim and had a leather belt paired with leather shoes. This was typical byu student - fashionably casual. Well those days are long gone - I wonder what the look is today.

anyway, now that i'm grown up, i've discovered a new kind of man. He doesn't show up so well in my photo, but if you think about it you'll realize you see him regularly. He's bald, has a goatee, is usually wearing a blue dress shirt, and black pants. This particular example is resting on the train instead of being attached to his balckberry like most others are. He also seems quite a bit younger in his facial features. I think he's new to the role. I had to be sneaky taking his picture - i'm glad he was sleeping.

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