Sunday, June 22, 2008


I like the ocean. I could do with the sight of one right about now - maybe i'll dream of one as I am about to hit hay. But I had to post this thought first. I just finished reading tuesdays with morrie (thanks for the loan miss merrill!) and really enjoyed it. The very last bit took me back to father's death a little over a year ago as I read the description of morrie's frail body and coma like state. Strangely enough I found it reassuring and comforting to know that death was the same for morrie. It reminded me how there's more to life than the physical body. Morrie tells a little story about a wave who fears the upcoming crash on the shore where he'll "die." another wave reminds him that they are not waves but actually one big ocean. That was a powerful thought for me - not just in the context of father not really being gone - but also in the context of my life and my connections to people like father, and morrie, and mother theresa, and abe, and brigham young, and all those other people that seem more than people - they are ocean - and so am i!

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Jules said...

I can't remember the last time I saw the ocean--I think it would do me some good to see it too. Thanks for sharing this--it's been years since I read that book, and I forgot about that analogy.