Monday, June 9, 2008

Family reunion

Saturday was the anniversary of father's burial. it also happened to be the first ward family reunion i've attended. Jospeh edward ward had 9 kids, my grandfather burnice was #9. I like joseph edward because his mother was sarah ward and he kept her maiden name. I really need to find out the story behind that since she married some with the last name spackman and/or spanswick. I also like him because his first name is my brother's middle name and his middle name is my fathr's middle name. They both share the same first name. Anyway, #8 child, dorothy, is the only one still living. she's around 89 and she played the organ for us to get the party startd. I wish I had a sound recording - classic it was. We partied it up in the senior community center in lava hotsprings. The family farm was in clifton, idaho, near preston. The cousins all grew up near each other and helped with the farm. My grandfather burnice took it over when he was grown. He sold it, though, back in the 80's I believe and moved to orem and became the animal control officer there befor dying from pancreatic cancer in the mid 90's. anyway, it was fun to meet/see all the random people i'm related to. It's a varied bunch. I kept hearing my last name and since that's what i'm often called by friends and students it was kind of weird. This photo was taken while my brother and I were guarding the desserts. The other photo is of a completed and glued together puzzle hanging in the women's restroom. Nothing like a good cat picture.

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