Monday, June 23, 2008

Alien shadow

I'm walking home from the dentist's staring at this shadow of me! It's probably normal enough, but it looks so alien i'm reminded of when you hear yourself on a recorder.
it's a great morning here in city of salt lake. At the dentist's I read an article about "yummies" - young urban mormons. I think I count - especially considering the conversation I had friday night about why I live in the 'hood. I realized, though, i'm just friends with yummies. In fact the first person featured was rebecca vernon - a fellow rooseveltite. Pretty cool stuff - hooray for urban living.


Mike said...

No offense…..(really) but that silhouette is a striking resemblance to the image from Psycho.

(shrugs shoulders)

plainoldsarah said...

offended, no. flattered, actually! i share my bday with alfred. he's cool.