Saturday, June 14, 2008


If you closely enough you can see a harp past the recycle bin. I'm sitting here in the middle of a MALL in the minnesota airport - complete with a harpist. I'm enjoying the peace in the middle of so many retail opportunities as I resist the temptation to buy chocolate, cashmere, sunglasses, t-shirts, lotion, and so on.

As a note of explanation.... The three posts below appear out of order because they are. Sometimes mobile blogging isn't perfect. In fact, it's possible in the next couple of days multiple copies of those posts will show up. Anyway, they worked now and i'm not the sort to care enough when I get home to put them in order. My trip to dc is drawing closed. It seemed short. I have good family and hope to spend more time with them in the future. Last night at bedtime we sang "geneaology (sp?) I am oing it" - the primary song - and I was touched by the words about being an eternal family. I am truly truly blessed!

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Jules said...

I really like the Minneapolis airport! I once saw Adam Duritz at the TGIFridays there...he's the lead singer for Counting Crows.

I really like that song "Genealogy, I Am Doing It," too. Thinking of you today, dear friend!