Saturday, January 12, 2008


I'm excited about my new job. This morning I went through my policies and procedures training for my new job at liberty tax service. I think i'll do well. I'm excited for extra money plus the chance to do/learn something new. When I got home I was even motivated to do a bit of shakespeare homework - of all crazy things. As I started I got called by a friend to join him at the symphony tonight - what a cool stroke of luck for me. That will be two weekends in a row of symphony. Tonight is rachmaninoff. Oh I meant to mention how in tax training we set goals. We had to write them down in affirmative statements. I would like you to all know I plan to prepare 150 taxes this season - shooting for the stars! I'll hopefully work about 150 hours - i'll need to if I plan to do that many.


Sherpa said...

Very nice. Glad you're excited about it.

plainoldsarah said...

ha! me too. now to make the goal the reality.