Thursday, January 31, 2008

great start

so far so good! this morning began well. on the drive to work krcl had super good music i could dance to - yes cindy, you can dance while jogging AND driving. i could tell the sky was a bit brighter than normal, meaning the sun is moving this way. and just to add a touch of fun, as i left the freeway, a tumbleweed blew by. not the real full size kind i used to see in arizona, but a decent one that reminded me of days gone by in arizona. it also reminded me of my favorite book that is set in arizona - "i'm in charge of celebrations" - and i have to say - that's how i feel today!


Cindy said...

But can you dance AND jog AND drive?

plainoldsarah said...

that's for professionals. i better not try it. at least not until summer when there's plenty of light and no snow.