Tuesday, January 1, 2008

more christmas photos

the sister sent a few photos from my visit with her family. i thought i'd share a couple to illustrate my holiday fun.

here mother and i are tucked into our bed for the night (air mattress comfort - not bad at all). i think we had about four blankets on top of us - it was a drafty room.
here the women are huddled around the quilt our final night there. i was definitely impressed with our speed. we made a couple trips to walmart trying to find the perfect thimbles - they just don't sell them small enough for our fingers. the funny thing is that my nephew would fall asleep under the quilt each night we were working on it. you can kind of see his sleeping bag peeking out - it's green and by my mother's knee. he would fall asleep just fine despite our talking.
here are the hardy boys - thrilled with their legos gift. they reveled in all things lego.

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