Friday, January 11, 2008


this week i experienced something that got me feeling down. it got me thinking too much about the past and future and everything in betweeen - but like in a worrisome sort of way. i got feeling a bit despondent (thanks for helping me come up with the word plewe) - like i felt this summer. anyway my despondency from summer pretty much left with the start of school and being busy. when i felt it creeping up this week i got scared. i wondered if it had been there and i was just covering it up with "stuff" or if i really had processed it some and this week was just a relapse. anyway, i spoke with my bishop about my feelings. he gave me great advice. he said, "stop rehearsing. move forward. think about the present and future and don't dwell on those sad things that are past." anyway, i liked his word choice. i never was much of one for drama - of any kind - and that's all that rehearsing is good for. so anyway, just thought i'd share. besides, my blog needed something new.

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Jules said...

I like the way your bishop put that. Sorry you've been feeling despondent...but enjoy moving forward!