Sunday, January 20, 2008

byu tv

this morning i discovered the joy of listening/watching devotionals and such on byu tv - through the interweb (nod to plewe family). i love it! normally on sunday mornings i turn the tv on for some background "noise" - i find inspiration from them pretty regularly, but lately i've been annoyed with the random "byu weekly" type stuff that doesn't do it for me. i got on the interweb today, though, and discovered i can click on any of the programs and "watch" them - including the ones that came on at 3:00 am. it seems some of the best ones are on before i'm awake. it's all about picking and choosing what you need/want to hear. anyway, tip to the wise. or wanting to be wise, i should say.

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Sherpa said...

My parents watch this I think when I'm home. the problem is, I pretty much loathe the Utah wedding show that comes after the devotionals.