Thursday, September 25, 2008


as i've posted before, i do enjoy reading the ny times. this morning there was an article about tattoos and counterculture. i am no fan of such body adornments, maybe it's a matter of taste but i also believe that for me it is a matter of moral values - i feel the body is a sacred thing - a creation of god that should be honored and treated with respect. already i probably abuse it more than i'd like, what with my bad posture and m&m binging. but it's also something that should be enjoyed and appreciated. sometimes it's just a challenge to balance enjoyment with respect. for how much i don't like tattoos i can't help but find them very fascinating to look at. when i used to work the arts festival i got a kick out of the variety of adornments people were sporting that i never get to see during the school year. i couldnt' help but wonder where these people were hiding when it WASN'T arts festival weekend. anyway, in the article i came across a couple rather humorous lines that i had to share with you. not that you care, just that i hadn't blogged in a bit and a good line is a hard thing to keep to oneself.

A"rtists with prominent Chelsea galleries and thriving careers, practicing physicians, funeral directors, fashion models and stylists are turning up with more holes in their faces than nature provided, and all manner of marks on their throats and hands." this one cracked me up with the line about holes in their faces that nature provided - great imagery.

and this one just sort of made me sad after i laughed a bit. "A gig as a barista or a model is not a job at Morgan Stanley (although neither is a job at Morgan Stanley, anymore). "

'“The tattoo community sees them as posers,” Mr. Baxter said of the newly inked people. “It’s like going out in the 1960s to buy a Beatles wig. But Beatles wigs came off easily and tattoos do not. “It’s 20 times more painful to get it removed than to get it,” Mr. Baxter said. Part of that pain must surely be the mortification of having stamped oneself with an outdated motif.' and finally, what's worse than just being out of style?

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