Monday, September 1, 2008

The hood

Some say my neighborhood isn't the safest. I say it's fine! My mother lives in the suburb of all suburbs and she's had her fair share of crime. But yesterday morning the cops came to my neighbor's house. earlier they'd found someone pushing a grocery cart full of tools and selling them - they belonged to my neighbor - he believes in labeling them. The real crime, though, was the fact that he keeps his tools in his van which he discovered was no longer parked in front of his house. So on my walk this morning I couldn't help but be curious when I came across 7 grocery carts piled up near one house.


Mike said...

One can't have enough shopping carts. For the most part they are lined up at "attention". I suppose if your neighbors MUST have shoping carts, they at leat keep'em tidy.

And as far as the foot pic below...I know you've come a long way with your recovery, but that's nasty ! ( in the best possible way :/ )

plainoldsarah said...

yes, i should probably apologize for the foot picture. a bit traumatizing to my viewers i'm sure!