Saturday, September 20, 2008


I'm having a pleasant day despite an expensive one. This morning I took my car in for an oil leak and came away 5 hours and 900 dollars later with new rear brake things - calipers I believe. Anyway while waiting to hear from them I walked around sugarhouse conversing with a good friend I used to teach with who now lives in kansas. It was nice to catch up. When I found out the car diagnosis I decided to walk home to wait for it - that was another long walk, this time catching up with mother. It was a gorgeous morning so I enjoyed myself. Now i'm sitting at the trax stop waiting for my good sister who is visiting from cali to come pick me up for a couple hours of bonding. Later in the evening i'll attend a dance show - should be fun. Sometimes saturdays can be perfect. Today would have been more perfect if I hadn't spent so much, but hey, at least my car brakes more smoothly now!


Mike said...

Not many things more frustrating than car issues...Address it and move on like you did.

...let's shoot for a better


plainoldsarah said...

good attitude for a monday mike! and i have to say i've made the most of enjoying the smoothness of my new brakes.