Tuesday, September 16, 2008


i needed a new post. so i thought for a moment of the major thoughts bouncing around my head and "survivors" came out. i started a unit with my reading classes where survivors are the focus. we're reading a few passages about survivors and what it takes to be a survivor. it totally fits with the news these days, what with ike's damage and all. luckily i have people in houston area so i can make personal connections. luckily? anyway, let's just say i am lucky to be here in utah. in fact i believe my granny flies in tonight to spend the next three weeks at my mom's house where there is electricity. something about south east texas and electricity are inseparable. thinking about my own personal trials - i believe i'm a survivor because i have an amazing support network. i've often philosophised with a friend that no matter how small my grip on reality is the ground isn't too far away because there are a million things built up to catch me when i fall - my faith, my family, my friends, my routines and duties - all these things that hold me accountable are also what catch me. i've tested it a few times - not necessarily by choice - and i've proven that i am a survivor. now to get myself some more water in my emergency supplies.


Mike said...

Wow, I started a looooong comment...had to hit "delete" as it was a ramble like none other. (How's that for a tease ?)

I'll try again....briefly.

I haven't had to "deal with much" in my life. I've been "skipped over" (for the time being anyway) when it comes to "surviving". Sure there are headaches, etc along the way...but for the most part, I've been blessed....I mean reallllllly blessed. I pray as much as I can that this cake walk continue.


plainoldsarah said...

i don't like being teased. but i'll be happy for what you did write. i probably haven't been all that tried either, that's one thing i've learned from this unit with my students - but i do know that when the trials come i'll have back up. hooray for blessings!

Marie said...

I like how you list duties and routines -- very perceptive. They save us from ourselves, and sometimes that's the biggest crisis we can survive. Well, for me, anyway.

plainoldsarah said...

yes marie - i've never had to survive a real hurricane, just the emotional kind, and i've learned that my daily routine and ties of obligation have kept me grounded and secure.