Thursday, September 25, 2008

Plewe knows how to party!

well it's late but I just had to share the highlights of plewe's last single night. The plan was to dine at cafe med and then hit the theater. When we gathered for food, though, we realized there were other more pressing activities so we skipped the movie and came home to resolve a veil question, test shoe solutions, and repack the luggage. Oh, and to enjoy some apple brown betty (recipe courtesy of the pioneer woman) while watching the office. So very nice! I got a couple shots at cafe med (where we happened to also run into a couple of dennis and plewe's friends). First, notice how many glasses of carbonation plewe needed after a long day of last minute errands. The lovely hat i'm sporting is actually carson, kristin's little guy. Later, back at the home front, he needed some nursing. It was a great night of warm friendship and happy laughter along with delicious food! Oh and I nearly forgot - the pained expression on plewe's face came as a result of drinking dugh (sp?), some supposedly healthy beverage of yoghurt, salt, and mint. I'm all about trying new things and it seemed like a fitting ritual to have plewe finish it off - like a rite of passage.

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