Sunday, April 13, 2008

spiral jetty trip

when some friends recently brought up the topic of the jetty i jumped on the chance to lead the group, so yesterday, a group of about 10 of us headed north. the group had intentions of being larger, but considering our departure time was 8 am many found it convenient to back out at the last minute. their loss i say. maybe i'll lead another group up there in the future - i seem to love it every time i go. here are a few photos to document our adventure:

cindy ran into a guy she knew from provo days - he was carrying a golf club. odd.

the rocks were gorgeously covered in fine white salt debris. other rocks - further up the hill - had random lichen stuff growing on them. i loved all the colors and variations.

while walking to the end of the jetty i came across this treasure. it reminded me of mark's jacket from a new orleans trip (i'll have to blog that some time). it also reminded me of smithson's vision in making the jetty - the debris and decay of humanity. or something like that. i should really look it up and make an accurate statement here. or i can just trust you all to do your own googling.

in the middle of one of the loops people had made these miniature jetties. they look kind of worm like and sort of creeped me out. i think i'd rather they weren't there. luckily, when the water is a normal level they are covered.

here i am posing for my jetty portrait. the inner rings are behind me. you'd think no one was there (cindy did a good job framing it - thanks) but really besides our group there was the group cindy had a connection to and then a few other family types showed up at the end. plus on the drive home we must have passed at least 10 cars on their way out there. hooray for early morning trips!

this is my foot touching the final rock of the spiral. i believe you have to walk to the very end - otherwise what's the use of driving so stinking far and then only looking at the spiral's end.

on the way, we had fun playing with the salt foam. (some suggested raw sewage is dumped in the lake - but we have no verifiable evidence - again - someone feel free to do some googling.) i like how this blob looks like a large cloud in the background.

on the shore - when we first approached the jetty we discovered a mini one embedded in the sand. dainon is doing a find job as vanna.

i wanted to document the low level of water. these are my feet standing on the lake bed - next to the jetty. when i've been there before the water would have come up to my knees.

this is a photo from afar so you can see the largeness of it. that black thing down on the left, though, is not a car. i'm not sure what it is!
and one of the coolest things about this outing - was that i managed to get home in time to change into a dress, attend a surprise bday party and then attend a wedding reception. it was a full day of driving and friend bonding.


Cindy said...

What a fun, fun trip! Thank you for telling me about it and planning it. You're great! I had a wonderful time.

I have about 20 multiple photos of Dainon throwing foam.

I can tell from that first picture that it's time for me to start running around the park again.

Dainon. said...

Great documentation! I think I'm going to refuse to put up my own photos based on how well this whole shebang turned out ... yes, yes I am.

ewesa said...

those little jettys are cute!

plainoldsarah said...

the trip would have been nothing without you guys - thanks for coming. and dainon - post some pictures already! at least on facebook or something.

lenalou said...

Thanks for organising this, Sarah! So much fun.

Dainon. said...

Oh, my pictures are totally up ... a few, anyway.