Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I'm a winner!

Look what I got from my tax job! We had the celebration party tonight - I also got my bonus check. All together, my gross income for this job just barely covers the cost of my trip to dc I plan to take in june. My store was number 9 out of 27 stores in utah for most returns. Or some cool statistic like that. Our franchise was number 1 in the state. Our sister store was number 1 in the state barely beating st george. We're winners! And I think I made a connection for my next minimum wage job - I may get to be a cashier this summer at albertson's! That was one of my dream jobs since I was 6. A cashier, a teacher, a nurse, and a hot air balloonist. I think options 3 and 4 are off the list.

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