Tuesday, April 8, 2008

my conference report

just doing a bit of blog stealing. plewe posted this photo of our conference party - but i wanted to use it to comment on my weekend. can you tell which person above is not related?

saturday i was super productive in terms of walking. mostly i read ender's game but since i was already doing a lot of sitting for conference i made myself walk and read. so i went to the library before the first session and then to the asian market between sessions. i was proud of myself for managing to put it aside when the speakers were on.

sunday i spent the day with family. we drove up to the slc to go to the afternoon session with plewe. i learned an important lesson. don't leave your seat without a ticket. those volunteers take their job seriously and without proper ticket they won't let you back in - and i mean just into the auditorium after a quick trip to the facilities. i was sure the elderly man was joking when he said he wouldn't let me back in. luckily the sis in law had her ticket and was able to go fetch mine. there was a fire marshall sitting near by us and some public relations guy named phil brought me joy as he tried to show how hungry he was by patting his head and rubbing his stomach - this was before the session started. anyway - it was a good time. oh, and i enjoyed lots of talks. i was awake for bednar's when he reminded us that besides praying you have to take action. do something about what you're praying for. at least that's what i got out of it. i've been slow to take action lately. decisions are hard to make!


ewesa said...

".. one of these blondes is not like the others, come on, can you tell me which one.."

plainoldsarah said...

plewe - don't give it away!