Thursday, April 19, 2007


just to be true to my identity as liz on strictly ballroom, this blog entry is going to be a big whine fest. enjoy.

ever have those days when things don't go so well? i had one of those nights. middle of the night. earlier in the evening i'd changed my bedroom light bulb and as i was climbing off my bed i hit my big toe on the bed frame. it ached like the dickens! so in the middle of the night - around 12:30 i woke up with my big toe knuckle throbbing. i was sure i'd need to go the emergency room. i couldn't walk on it. i had my bags packed to hit the gym this morning and i was worried that i wouldn't be able to do anything there since my toe was in such pain. i have a yoga class scheduled this evening and i imagined i'd lose my balance every few seconds because of the pain in my toe. i was convinced i needed surgery and i'd have to get a sub for a prolonged period of time and i just couldn't prepare so many sub plans. really - my mind went racing with all the problems that were going to ensue from this unhappy big toe. i went back to bed, carefully placing my toe so that there wasn't any extra pressure on it. then i woke up around 3, hot and suffocating. i found i'd been dreaming about all my blogger friends - not you guys who read this, but all the people whose blogs i read that don't know who i am - many are your friends. anyway, i did enjoy that bit of the night. when my alarm was due to go off - around 4:45 i woke up one last time. only to find my throat had closed itself off with all sorts of painful swollen-ness. again, the thoughts of the gym, teaching, yoga, went through my head as being impossible since i had this aching throat.

well, i'm here. teaching. i went to the gym and lifted weights. i'm not dead. my head doesn't hurt that much. i can breathe and walk. i think the toe still hurts a bit more than normal and i know the throat isn't happy, but life goes on. no long term sub in my future.


plainoldsarah said...

i just discoverd i have 3 papercuts on my fingers. what a day.

ewesa said...

oh dear oh dear. time for a new towel and toothbrush, it's reached that level of badness.

Jules said...

Monday was kind of like that for me, so I feel your pain. I hope your toe is better today, and I'm quite glad you aren't in need of a long term sub! Happy weekend to you!