Saturday, April 7, 2007

The end

I'm at the airport waiting to board. I can't say I feel rested. I had a great bed as seen in the photo - with a nice thick boyscout blanket. This morning collins packed me a bag full of snakcs: apple, granola bar, jerky, marshmallows, cheese stick, fruit snacks, and peanut candy. There may be more. I made him keep the yogurt due to airport rules on viscous substances. Leaving for the airport we discoveredit snowed over night.

Speaking of last night, we attended a passover dinner at the local baptist chruch. It was conducted by a christian jew. His humor and excessive use of yiddish warmed my funny bone. The message of christ's life and atonement warmed my spirit. The symbolism is pretty powerful. Collins goes to law school with this guy isaac whose parents were missionary types. His grandarents actually lived as missionaries in china during the revolution - I bet they knew pearl buck - my favorite author ever! we were isaac and his wife's guests to this event. They are probably risa and collins' closest friends. They're super cool. After eating and before the final ceremony parts a woman had a full on epileptic seizure (sp?). An ambulance came and they wheeled her out - she was seizing for a good 20 minutes. I've never seen such a thing before. Oh I learnd a cool new jewish word: dayenu - I think that's how to spell it. It means it would have been sufficient. It's repeated and sung when they tell the story of the great things god did to save and redeem the israelites. God kept giving so after each thing god does you say that word. It was a powerful and uplifting program. I wish i'd taken a photo. Oh - I nearly forgot - the chef of our dinner was none other than the chief chef at the white house. Pretty cool, eh? Word is she's the first woman and she's philippina and has had her position for about two months.


Jules said...

Thanks for all the great pictures and stories--I felt like I was in DC with you! Hope your flight is unevenftul!

plainoldsarah said...

oh the flight home was grand! i totally bonded with some married guy for the entire four hours - there was so much to talk about. we discovered much in common - and had lots of gospel oriented discussion. then when i picked up my luggage off the carousel... well i'll post that as its own blog entry. it's a good one!

jrm said...

let the battle rage on:

(ms. grammar needs help with her spelling... check your self on "philippina"


but regardless, i still love your blog.

plainoldsarah said...

sigh, you are right. that word's always confused me. "filipina" i found out was right. by the way, "yourself" is all one word. but look at us both totally ignoring capitalization rules! grammar shmammar.

thanks for loving the blog.