Monday, April 30, 2007

danger foot

playing with plewe this weekend was a blast! i was glad to have her company and am sorry to say she heads back to seattle this weekend. one of my favorite parts of the trip was having her in the shotgun position. any time i pulled a fancy maneuver - such as a u-turn across a couple lanes of traffic - her foot would go up on the dashboard to brace herself. i wonder if she's thought through what would happen if an accident really did occur with her foot up there. might not be so pretty. she told us that joseph has noticed this same behavior in her and calls it the "danger alert." somehow that turned into "danger foot" for us. she'd even give us color levels alerting us to the level of danger imminent.

i wish i'd taken more photos of the trip. i have a few flower shots that i'll hopefully get around to blogging before the day is out.

right now i'm dealing with lesson preparation and grading and cleaning up the mess the sub allowed to happen while i was gone. getting a sub sure can be a shot in the dark. this one was didn't turn out so well, but at least i wasn't here to witness the mayhem in person. and at least the lesson i left wasn't totally crucial or necessary for other lessons. it was only a prep sort of thing for our end of level tests that begin this week. hmmm, i better track down my set of tests sooner than later.


ewesa said...

I had such a good time, thank you for taking good care of me! and laughing about the danger response instead of getting annoyed. too bad about the sub. please, don't let that stop you from getting subs so you can come visit seattle. oh wait, summer break, no subs needed!

plainoldsarah said...

hooray for subless summers!

glad you enjoyed the trip as much as me - and i'm so glad you came down so we could have an excuse to go south. come again.

Dainon said...

Once I saw Plewe drive straight into oncoming traffic, then drive over a median (the big ones that even trucks have a hard time hurdling), laughing like a maniac the entire time.

That was some serious danger. I cried a little inside even, but don't let her know that.

plainoldsarah said...

i think i heard about that story. laughing is one thing she does well when in danger.

ewesa said...

dainon is leaving out the part of the story where he said "turn here!", so I did. also it was late at night, very very late and there was little traffic and low visibility! no real danger... sort of.